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E-commerce + on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Shopping site (includes loading of initial products) with on-page SEO to
ensure your site is Google search engine friendly.

Non E-Commerce + on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Non shopping site with on-page SEO to ensure your site is Google
search engine friendly.


Back linking

One of the most important aspect in SEO/Email marketing business
integration. Back linking is the underlying structure of articles, blogs,
outreach engagement, social media creation, email marking, google ad
words, and your site on page SEO (title, description, keywords, your URL
structure, ect) in ranking keywords in Google that links back to your
website in creating authoritative lineage that tells search engines to trust
your site, and give your site a higher authority rating all in the end to drive
traffic to a potential non customer in to become a future customer of
your product and services offering on your website.

Google Ad Words

A monthly spending budget is set on how much to pay Google (this is
separate variable amount on how much you want to pay Google and can
be adjusted when see fit) to advertise your site based on carefully curated
keywords. These site ad keywords amount to promote brand and product
awareness in driving traffic to your site.


Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant
answer to your customers’ search queries. While the Google algorithm is
always changing, it is always with the intent to provide the most relevant
content for search queries.
Blogs help Google identify your website as relevant content in 5 main

  • Keeping content fresh – Google doesn’t like outdated info so blogs
  • tell Google you are current.
  • Keeping people on your page longer and Google likes low bounce
    rates (rate of which people leave your website after viewing only
    one page)
  • Helping you target long tail keywords – while it can be hard to rank
    for broad, competitive keywords like “camping gear”, it is a lot
    easier to rank for long tail keywords like “best camping gear for
    cold weather”
  • Giving you opportunity for internal linking – Google likes internal
    links because it helps it to understand what your page is about and
    thus strengthens your target keywords
  • Quality content gives other sites more reason to link back to your

High Quality Article

Monthly high-quality articles ranging from several hundred words that
specific written on a topic category to inform and educate your customer
base (not necessarily) to sell a product or service but to engage and
stimulate your brand awareness in the end. These detail written articles
are shared on reputable sites that back links back to your website. These
helps promote an increase in site traffic volume.

Social Media Content Creation

Content creation for Instagram (IG), Facebook (FB) & Twitter.
Will have numerous monthly postings to these social media outlets with
your company own Social Media accounts that will promote customer
relationship engagements such as:

  • Product offerings
  • Blog and article awareness
  • Brand awareness

Outreach Engagement

IG, FB, FB groups, Reddit, online forums.
Using personal accounts, I will comment as a customer; not as an
employee of your company creating brand awareness and reputation.
Dividing my time across platforms, I will initiate and contribute to online

Email Marketing campaigns

With algorithms always changing, it’s important to have an email
marketing campaign so that you can ensure your audience (your customer
email subscribers) always receives your messages.
These target emails contain your brand awareness, product offerings,
product discounts, educational blog or article awareness, ect.
These emails can be sent every 7 or 10 business days, depending on your

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